People with dementia suffer many symptoms that can become confusing for themselves and their loved ones. As seniors progress in dementia, they may no longer be able to stay at home alone. Homeowners may find the costs and responsibility of homeownership become too much to handle after a dementia diagnosis. Thankfully, there are many options for residential treatment. These communities offer a home-like environment where seniors remain as independent as possible without compromising their safety. 

Senior Care Myths Dispelled

Before deciding on senior living options, families need to ensure they do not believe any of the falsehoods that continue to spread in the senior community. Most people misunderstand things before they experience them themselves. Those who have never been involved in memory communities are usually more apt to believe the untruths. The following are some top myths about senior care. 

Senior Care Is Very Expensive

Many seniors and their loved ones experience sticker shock when they first see the costs involved in memory care communities. Yes, these communities are somewhat expensive, but seniors and their loved ones must compare them to the cost of maintaining a household, paying bills, and buying food. Some families find senior care options are more effective than living at home alone. There are also fewer responsibilities that are critical for those suffering from dementia. 

Before deciding on a senior living community, seniors and their loved ones should consider the insurance, budget, and assets. Determine which will be the best and most attainable option for everyone involved. 

Senior Care Is Boring

When people think about senior care communities, they do not realize the amazing vibrance behind the doors. There is always something to do and experience. Exciting activities abound that go well beyond simple board games and bingo. No one can stay bored for long when there are fun friendships to be made and plenty of activities to participate in every day. 

Senior Care Is Too Confining

Although these memory communities must have safety protocols in place, this does not mean seniors must live in confinement. Seniors are free to explore the grounds and enjoy activities without feeling imprisoned. Family members will feel great peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and secure without feeling limited in their freedom and independence. 

Senior Care Offers Lunchroom Fare

Today, seniors are living longer and more vibrant lives. As consumers, they demand more in the way of food. Lunchroom fare simply will not suffice. Those living in memory communities enjoy delicious meals throughout the day. The chefs prepare amazing selections that are like the choices offered at the finest restaurants. There is always room for dessert.

Senior Care Is Lonely

Loneliness in senior care is one of the biggest misconceptions. Some people think their loved ones and friends will abandon them. Seniors may mistakenly feel it will be impossible to make friends and they will be stuck in their residences with nothing to do but watch television. Seniors and their loved ones must know these communities are highly conducive to fostering lifelong friendships. The residents in these communities become like family. There is always someone to talk to and socialize with, so seniors will never have to feel lonely. 

Senior Care Offers No Privacy

Another misconception spread among the senior community is that there is no privacy. Seniors must realize they will maintain their own residences. These residences are private spaces. Seniors will not have to worry about having alone time and privacy when they desire. Once they grow tired of being alone, they can reach out to fellow residents and staff members to enjoy socialization opportunities. 

Discover the Options Today

With so many options for those with dementia, seniors and their loved ones sometimes feel overwhelmed by the choices. Seniors must understand their needs first. Loved ones should consider speaking with the senior’s doctors to determine their care needs. They must research carefully and learn about the options before taking action. 

Assisted living options that include memory services help seniors with dementia enjoy their lives without stressing. Seniors will no longer have to worry about their daily household chores or budgeting for their needs. Loved ones will not have to worry about seniors with dementia living alone and being unsafe. Now is an ideal time to learn about the options and start the process. 


Seniors with dementia receive the integrative care they need at The Gardens of Modesto. Our gorgeous campus is as beautiful inside as out. Here, our senior residents enjoy exciting daily activities and receive the help they need from our caring and dedicated staff.